L4dyDMC’s Post to the Latino Community….

Happy Warrior Wednesday Warriors!! I’m so happy to be here writing for you guys on this very special post. In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness month, DesiGirl has invited me to take over this Wednesday post and to dedicate it to all the Latino community. With this in mind, I wanted to give someContinue reading “L4dyDMC’s Post to the Latino Community….”

Different Types of Psychotherapy….

Hello and welcome back Warriors to another Warrior Wednesday. This week I will be sharing different types of psychotherapy and a video demonstrating a session.  Individual therapy https://youtu.be/AiFZ3JN19UY Example: https://youtu.be/7LD8iC4NqXM Group Therapy  https://youtu.be/a7tsLHKuQCU Example: https://youtu.be/XYc_APlH7VY Family Therapy  https://youtu.be/nRTYg5n5Bq0  Example: https://youtu.be/ohTm_YQ1zx4 Couples Therapy  https://youtu.be/wb_cnk7Bm8k Examples: https://youtu.be/N7psc7JVX4A I hope you found this post educational and if youContinue reading “Different Types of Psychotherapy….”

Our Mental Health Superheroes….

Happy May and welcome back to another Warrior Wednesday 😄 May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and here at MHD we will be focusing on topics surrounding MH.  No matter what the topic may be L4dyDMC and I always end our post with encouraging everyone to seek treatment and do not be afraid toContinue reading “Our Mental Health Superheroes….”

Autism Awareness Month Additional Resources and Mr. Shah’s Story….

Happy Wednesday Warriors and welcome to our LAST Autism Awareness Month Post. I hope you have found the last 4 weeks or so informative and educational, if not please let us know and if there was something more specific you wish to see let us know 🙃. For the last week, I would like toContinue reading “Autism Awareness Month Additional Resources and Mr. Shah’s Story….”

Resources for Autism….

Happy Warrior Wednesday and hope everyone is having a good week so far!!!! This week I will share some resources for autism. Please bear in mind, the majority of the resources are located in California however I’ve included national resources as well with a ⭐️ next to them.  Positive Pathways: (Located in Bay Area) https://www.positive-pathways.orgContinue reading “Resources for Autism….”

There is NO CURE for Autism….

Happy Hump Day Warriors! Welcome back and today I am going to continue our conversation about Autism. Today I am going to talk about treatment options for ASD. There is no cure for ASD, however there are plenty of treatment options available. The treatment plan for a child with Autism differs based on the severityContinue reading “There is NO CURE for Autism….”

Happy Autism Awareness Month….

Welcome back to Warrior Wednesday and happy April!!!! April is National Autism Awareness month. This month I will be sharing information regarding Autism as well as national resources. As always, Warriors if you have a story related to Autism please send them to mentalhealthdiaries2@gmail.com and I will post them on our blog 😊. I wantContinue reading “Happy Autism Awareness Month….”

Debunking Myths Related to Social Work

Happy Warrior Wednesday, the last day of Social Work month, and the last day of March. Woo there is a lot of lasts today BUT so many more beginnings 😊. For my final Social Work month post, I would like to debunk some myths surrounding social work. These myths were brought to me by myContinue reading “Debunking Myths Related to Social Work”

From Financial Advisor to Social Worker….

Happy Warrior Wednesday and welcome back to MHD. This week we will continue to celebrate Social Work month by having another fellow social worker share their journey. Happy reading warriors and remember don’t forget to like this post and subscribe to get alerts for all new posts and upcoming segments 😉. xoxoDesiGirlxoxo Good Evening MHDContinue reading “From Financial Advisor to Social Worker….”

A Fellow Social Workers Wisdom….

Happy Warrior Wednesday!!!! This week I had the opportunity to interview a fellow Social Worker, for privacy reason we will call them Shawn. I asked him to share his experience working in the field and any words of wisdom for our Warriors. Below you will find his interview… Hello Mental Health Warriors, Thank you DesiGirlContinue reading “A Fellow Social Workers Wisdom….”

Impactful Names that Mold the Field of Social Work

Happy Warrior Wednesday and welcome back Social Work month… This week I am going to share some impactful names in the Social Work field;  Jane Addams:  The first known Social Worker in US history. (1) She developed the settlement houses in Chicago, for immigrants, in the early 1900’s. (1) The first women to receive aContinue reading “Impactful Names that Mold the Field of Social Work”

March is Social Work Month

Happy Warrior Wednesday and Happy Social Work Month (March is dedicated to Social Work). Each Wednesday this month I am going to share information related to the field of social work. I am going to start the month off with explaining WHAT IS A SOCIAL WORKER and how to become one.  Definition of Social Work:Continue reading “March is Social Work Month”

Why DesiGirl Went into Mental Health

Happy Warrior Wednesday!!!! Hope you all are having a great week so far 😊 Today, I would like to share a personal story… why I went into the MH field and resistant I got from the South Asian Community.  Growing up, I wanted to become a doctor, a neurologist specifically but around middle school I realizedContinue reading “Why DesiGirl Went into Mental Health”

Austin, Texas Add’s MH Emergency Services to Their 9-1-1 Dispatch

Happy Warrior Wednesday!!!! This week I would like to share some great news for the mental health field. As of February 1, 2021 Austin, Texas 9-1-1 dispatch now asks callers; “if they need police, fire, EMS, or mental health services”. This fourth option is part of the Austin CARES initiative and one that I believeContinue reading “Austin, Texas Add’s MH Emergency Services to Their 9-1-1 Dispatch”

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Grounding Exercise

Happy Warrior Wednesday!!!! This week I am going to share with you a grounding exercise that I have found useful during stressful situations. The exercise is called; 5-4-3-2-1 This exercise helps you ground yourself back to the here and now, helping you from going down a “rabbit hole” when your anxiety is high. Here isContinue reading “5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Grounding Exercise”

Loving Yourself

Happy Hump Day Warriors!!!! This past week, while watching my guilty pleasure of Vanderpump Rules😋, I watched an episode where Lala Kent gave Ariana Madix some great self love advice.  We all have our days where we dislike a particular thing about ourselves or discount ourselves from not being “enough”. That is normal, however whenContinue reading “Loving Yourself”

Back When I Thought My Medications and Therapy Hinder Me from Living My Best Life….

Happy Wednesday Warriors!!!! Hope you all are having an amazing week so far and a healthy start to 2021. Last week’s Friday post was about depression/anxiety specifically about medications and the myths and facts surrounding medication therapy. This week, a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety DisorderContinue reading “Back When I Thought My Medications and Therapy Hinder Me from Living My Best Life….”

With the New Year Comes New Goals….

Happy New Year Warriors!!!! Hope you have had a safe New Years and 2021 is treating you well 🙂 With 2020 behind us and 2021 ahead, we all are ready to set off on new goals and accomplishments. Whether it be related to your MH or maybe wanting to save up enough money to buy thatContinue reading “With the New Year Comes New Goals….”

Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 4

Happy Christmas week for those celebrating!!!! Hope you all are well and enjoying the holiday season… next week I will be sharing “What I am Thankful For…” from our fellow Warriors. Please email us what you are thankful for this year or any positive affirmation you would like to share with our Warrior community.   TipContinue reading “Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 4”

Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 3

Happy Wednesday Warriors!!!!  Hope you are all well and having a peaceful holiday season. Please check out additional tips to help manage your MH during the holidays.   Tip 1: Stick to a Budget   With the holiday season comes gifts and wanting to make the holidays special. However, this year many families are struggling to makeContinue reading “Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 3”

Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 2

Happy Humpday Warriors!!!! The next three weeks I am going to share tips on how to manage your MH during the holidays. These tips are from the Mayo Clinic, please feel free to check out their resource tabs for additional MH resources.  Please know you are not alone and there is help, if you needContinue reading “Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 2”

Managing Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 1

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Warriors!!!! This year I am thankful for my co-author (L4dyDMC) love ya girl and all of you guys. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey and I hope you take at least one thing from this blog J. With the holidayContinue reading “Managing Your Mental Health During the Holidays Week 1”

Addiction Vocabulary for Review

Hellooo Warriors!!!! Hope you all are well and staying healthy during these stressful times.  This month we are dedicating our posts to Addiction and Mental Illness. Today I would to touch on the classification of different drugs and provide a list for you all to refer for future posts. I realized it’s difficult to conceptualizeContinue reading “Addiction Vocabulary for Review”

DesiGirl’s Experience with Recent Crisis and Mental Health

Happy Hump Day Warriors!!!!  I want to start off by apologizing for not posting last week, there was a fire near my house and I was not sure whether we would need to evacuate. With that being said, I would like to talk about Crisis and how that can impact our mental health.   ThoseContinue reading “DesiGirl’s Experience with Recent Crisis and Mental Health”

Bullying and Mental Health

Happy Wednesday Warriors!!!! Today, I would like to talk about bullying and how to identify if someone you know is being bullied. Let’s begin by defining bullying: bullying is “an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. ItContinue reading “Bullying and Mental Health”

DesiGirl’s Mental Health Day Check-In…

Hello Warriors!!!! This past week was “National Mental Health Day” and I saw so many of my friends and family share their struggles with mental health mixed in with COVID. Today, I would like to do a check in with you all. I would like to share my personal struggle with managing my anxiety andContinue reading “DesiGirl’s Mental Health Day Check-In…”

Domestic Violence and COVID-19

Happy Wednesday Warriors! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and today I would like to talk about how COVID has impacted the amount of DV cases as well as what we can do as Warriors to help victims of DV. According to an article published by Harvard Health; prior to covid 1:4 women experienced severe IntimateContinue reading “Domestic Violence and COVID-19”

DesiGirl’s Experience with COVID

Happy Hump Day Warriors!!!! Today I will be sharing a personal story about COVID and how it has impacted my mental health. As I mentioned awhile back, I struggle with anxiety and with COVID my anxiety symptoms have worsened. One way I am able to manage my anxiety is having a routine, this way IContinue reading “DesiGirl’s Experience with COVID”